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Owner: Aurora

American Short-Hair Tuxedo Cat ♥LOLA♥-DIED JAN. 10, 2013

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Gender: Female
Last Activity: 49 month(s) ago
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Country: United States

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♥Bobbie♥-In Memory
Guinea Pig, American White (Pink Ear/Black Ear)

♥Davy♥-In memory
Guinea Pig, American White And Tan

♥LOLA♥-DIED JAN. 10, 2013
Cat, American Short-Hair Tuxedo

♥Robbie♥-In Memory
Guinea Pig, American White

♥Scotty♥-In Memory
Guinea Pig, Black Abyssinian

Pet: ♥LOLA♥-DIED JAN. 10, 2013

Name ♥LOLA♥-DIED JAN. 10, 2013
Nickname Darlin', Baby Girl and Princess
Species Cat
Breed American Short-Hair Tuxedo
Pet Clubs: Tuxedos unite
Cats with People Names
The pampered pet
Cats Rule
hamsters unite
Love for Gerbils and Other Rodents
Paws Unlimited
Cuddle Bugs
Secret friends
rodent, cats, and dog lovers
Fetching Cats
Snap Shot !
Practically Purrfect
All felines only
Pet World
Gender Female
Country United States
Zipcode 43202
Birthdate 1994-08-15
Height Petite!
Weight 7 pounds
Favorite Activity Getting brushed every morning with the Zoom Groom
Favorite Park Strictly an indoor only cat.
Favorite Food Chef's Blend, Kit 'N Kaboodle & Fancy Feast
Favorite Treat Whisker Lickins'
Favorite Toy Kitty Kurls, Catnip Pillows, Milk Jug Rings,
Favorite Shows I sleep through TV shows
Favorite Music My identical twin sister Rita playing her lever harp
Favorite Movies She sleeps during movies, videos & dvd's!
Best Trick Can turn light switches off and on
Favorite Moments Every moment of every day with Lola is wonderful. I love her so much.
Likes Sleeping on her own bath towels warm out of the dryer
Dislikes Going to the vet, getting her teeth brushed daily, getting her nails clipped bi-weekly
My First Day Home I rescued Lola as a 5-week old kitten on September 24, 1994 from neighbor boys dunking her in a muddy rut of water. She got Giardia from that muddy water but 2 daily doses of liquid antibiotics got rid of it.
Awards Pet Of The Day, February 12, 2005
Bio The only kitten of a sweet calico dumped in our neighborhood because she was pregnant. My twin had the mother spayed but she died of an upper respiratory ailment due to not having any protective shots. She left behind a beautiful tuxedo daughter - Lola.
About Me Her full name is Lola May



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♥LOLA♥-DIED JAN. 10, 2013's Comments
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Posted By: Goldy 2010/10/16 04:14:49 AM
Didn't expect that your owner were twins...I thought its just a mirror reflection...GREAT!

Posted By: Goldy 2010/03/31 03:14:05 AM
hi lola!sorry for the late reply....your welcome....come see my latest pic...

Posted By: Sunny 2009/11/05 12:21:09 PM
hi.. tnx for adding me.. ;)

Posted By: baby dity 2009/08/14 05:12:04 AM
hi tnx for accepting me as your friend :)

Posted By: Graysea 2009/07/21 12:51:40 AM
Hello Lola thank you for wanting to be my friend! Can you tell me how you turn the light swtiches on and off thats sooo interesting! :)

Posted By: roBin(-_-) 2009/06/25 01:05:48 PM

Posted By: Flounder 2009/06/20 12:32:19 PM
hi..lola..nice to know u..

Posted By: Meowning 2009/06/10 02:59:06 AM
thanks :D how are you and your pet? hihi :D take care

Posted By: Cleocatra 2009/06/02 04:17:17 AM
Thanks lola! Hope to get to know u more.

Posted By: 2009/05/21 01:38:56 AM
thanks u lola ^^ chun ki told me lots of good stuffs about u, youre really an adorable friendly cat ^^

Posted By: Mylou 2009/05/07 12:16:57 PM
thank you very much! :)

Posted By: roBin(-_-) 2009/04/21 04:47:59 AM
your welcome..♥

Posted By: CB1 & CB2 2009/04/16 11:22:11 AM
your welcome lola we are glad too that you created a club like that.btw thanks for the compliments you too are so lovely;ur so big with nice spot and color ^_^kip safe C:

Posted By: bOb chimMy.. 2009/04/15 11:10:09 PM

Posted By: bOb chimMy.. 2009/04/15 10:58:40 PM

Posted By: gayle 2009/04/09 08:25:16 AM
yeah, ur welcome lola, ur so cute to.. i love ur eyes

Posted By: Kurochan 2009/04/08 09:34:30 AM
meow meow lola :3 we are both kawaii ne :3 *kitty hug*

Posted By: 2009/04/06 09:47:22 PM
hi lola! thanks for adding me, youre such an adorable cat just like me meow!

Posted By: Skittles 2009/03/31 02:40:51 AM
*prrrr* mi ish very happy to have a friend like u!! *meow*

Posted By: Minggai Jimenez 2009/03/31 12:10:33 AM
Thanks for adding me up.... hey Lola may... you are so cool lookin'...

Posted By: ♥tuLpu 2009/03/28 06:58:12 PM
`meoww!! thank you also ..

Posted By: ♥blue 2009/03/28 06:55:58 PM
`hi there ..thanks :) ♥

Posted By: nyok♥ 2009/03/22 05:57:10 AM
hi there! take care always buddy!:)

Posted By: miming 2009/03/21 01:28:36 AM
its my pleasure!! wlcum

Posted By: TAX 2009/02/04 08:52:30 AM
wow! so cute..and lovely.

Posted By: Bree Baby 2007/08/13 11:53:23 PM
hi lola how you doing? me just great, me meowie has been sick, just wanted to check in with you

Posted By: Mbrr Pebblez 2007/05/26 11:09:09 AM
Hi Lola! I'm so happy now that I have a friend like you. Yes, we do feel the same about vacuum cleaner. The sound is so scary for me too.

Posted By: QB 2007/01/24 07:32:40 AM
lola i luv to be ur friend... meoowww

Posted By: TIM 2006/12/23 11:36:05 AM
hey cassie,sorry 4 being late bt now we're gonna b great pals!!!Wish u a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Posted By: blue boy 2006/12/16 03:43:52 PM
poor little kittin!

Posted By: nemo 2006/11/29 11:17:43 AM
Thank you so much for all you have done this month for me:) it means the world to me, if i try again next month will you still vote for me?

Posted By: Bree Baby 2006/11/22 06:08:18 PM
also thanks for being me new friend..meow & licks

Posted By: Bree Baby 2006/11/22 06:07:27 PM
we are the "princess",my vet loves me and I love my vet I like to curl up me meowme at night cause it gets cold she loves me

Posted By: ZOE 2006/11/16 05:11:50 PM
I'm glad we are friends! Mommy hopes I keep my blue eyes, but if I don't she'll still love me anyway.

Posted By: Baloot 2006/11/16 09:59:34 AM
Your white gloves are very nice , my momy doesn't buy white gloves for me :( mewww

Posted By: nemo 2006/11/16 09:11:34 AM
Thanks Lola... that made me feel a lot better.

Posted By: nemo 2006/11/02 09:01:11 PM
Just saying hi and have a nice day!

Posted By: nemo 2006/11/01 06:48:38 PM
YOU ARE TOOOO SWEET! i can't thank you enough! it's time that a cat wins! :)

Posted By: Jasmine 2006/10/21 09:05:13 PM
Ahhh another kitty to chase human pets around with :)

Posted By: Cheyenne 2006/10/21 09:02:28 PM
Hey there cutie. I have a nice fluffy tail you can play with.

Posted By: Apollo 2006/10/18 06:12:49 PM
Hi Lola! You're beautiful! Your story is very heartwarming!

Posted By: Dublin 2006/10/11 03:25:20 PM
You are soooooo cute!!!

Posted By: nemo 2006/10/11 10:48:31 AM
HEY! THanks for thinking i'm cute (i can never here that too much) but don't just vote for me because i'm cute, keep in mind i'm also smart, loving, generous (i share my treats), and sometimes act like a dog!!

Posted By: 2006/10/09 06:45:04 PM
Lola you are such a pretty kitty. My mommy thinks you posed for those pictures

Posted By: Harmony 2006/10/04 05:02:28 PM
Hi Lola! My sister Pouncival told me about you. You're a beautiful tuxedo cat, just like her :-)

Posted By: =(^-_-^)= fiona 2006/08/31 08:18:03 AM
what a cute kitty!!!

Posted By: Peanut 2006/08/20 01:17:36 AM
thank you...he's such a good boy..

Posted By: 2006/08/13 04:37:38 PM
We voted for you. :)

Posted By: peppy (in loving memory) 2006/02/17 04:03:05 PM
thanks for beng my friend after croosing the rianbow bridge in december i think ill have a freind to play with when you cross (wich probly wont be soon cuz your a good cat=])

Posted By: 2006/01/14 03:13:38 PM
Lola, you are such a great friend! You cheered my mommy up after I crossed over rainbow bridge. :) You are such a sweet, caring, and pretty cat. You're my best friend!

Posted By: Gabby 2005/08/28 06:07:30 PM
Thanks for being my friend! You are simply purrrfect, darling!

Posted By: Dizzy 2005/07/22 01:15:41 PM
Thanks for being my friend Lola! You look exactly like me in some pictures. And guess what!!?? Im expecting kittens any day now!!! Yeah!

Posted By: Tux 2005/05/29 09:21:49 AM
Lola, You are so sweet and beautiful! Too bad we don't live closer. :o) Love, Tux

Posted By: Aphrodite 2005/05/12 02:07:29 PM
Lola is a purrfect furriend! She is beautiful and lucky to have such a caring meowmie! We are all happy that everything turned out great!

Posted By: Baxter 2005/02/16 04:30:35 PM
Lola I just wanted to thank you for telling me I am handsome I think you are a very beautiful and are a great representative of tuxedo cats. I am so glad you have a very loving family too because there are so many of our kind that go unloved.

Posted By: 2005/02/11 05:00:21 AM
Lola is one cool cat! Thanks for being my friend.

Posted By: 2005/02/11 04:58:16 AM
Lola I'm glad we are friends. I'm having fun with your guinea pig brothers and we are watching over all of you. Your brothers miss you and send hugs and kisses

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