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Gender: Female
Last Activity: 185 month(s) ago
Country: United States

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Bird, parakeet

Bird, parakeet

Skinny & Foreheady
Frog, African Dwarf Frog

The tank gang
Fish, Goldfish

Ty beanies
Wild Bird, They are all authentic ty beanies

Pet: Boomer

Name Boomer
Nickname Boomy, Loony goon, Sillykinz,Baby,B
Species Bird
Breed parakeet
Pets Poetry Group!
*~The Millet Lovers Club~*
Pet World
The pampered pet
Biters Anonymous
toga's restruant
Chickens Have a Dream
Cocktail party
TFAPPC contest
Cuddle Bugs
anyone from neopets here?
Star's Adoption Agency
Starbucks Coffee
our mansion
Cozy Cottage
Gender Male
Hometown WI
Country United States
Zipcode Requiredwhy?
Birthdate 2005-05-27
Height 4 inches
Weight -1 pound
Favorite Activity Watching TV, talking, or singing.
Favorite Park What's that?
Favorite Food MILLET!
Favorite Treat MILLET!(dont forget about the picnic)
Favorite Toy Mr. Raggy,Mr. Jingles, Stuffed ducky,and Speller.
Favorite Shows The suite life,The planets funniest animals or Petkeeping with Marc Morrone.My new idol: Budgie man!www.budgieman.co.uk
Favorite Music Aly and AJ and whistleing.
Favorite Movies High School Musical or whatever is on.
Best Trick talking alot and welcomeing people to the house.
Worst Trick Trying to wake me up in the morning and sqwauking at nothing.
Favorite Moments To play with me or do his 'dance'. His 1st birthday on 5/27/06.He also goes to nana's house alot. (Read diary for details)
Embarassing Moments When he hangs from 2 toys at once while screaming Help,and hanging upside down!
Likes Millets, toothbrushes,nana's house, and when I come home
Dislikes Sudden noises,poking at him,bugs,and the dark.
My First Day Home Paco named him when he got his wings clipped in July '05.Paco flew into a cabnet accidently and died so we went to the pet store to buy his good friend Boomer. Boomer was shy at first ,but he's fine now!His dropshots:http://www.dropshots.com/Boomers_dad
Awards My BFF and pet of the day on 5/24/06.Music:

Bio I'm a very happy bird. At the petstore,a mean old birdie came and bite my tail! Mom felt sorry she couldn't buy me and save me,but when paco died I was free! My tail grew back now and that mean old parakeet got sold to some one.
About Me

Thanks jake! Im green now!

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Posted By: 2007/08/19 02:10:59 AM
good times, good times.

Posted By: Sandy 2007/05/16 09:53:08 PM
Hi Boomer! My new sis, Squeakers, told me a lot about you! I just moved in with her and her Mommy last week

Posted By: Cheyanne 2007/04/09 01:53:28 AM
Hey hey!! Boomer Da Bird!! Long time no see! 'Member me?

Posted By: 2007/01/10 04:53:15 PM
My new page please Maggie..

Posted By: Maggie 2006/12/21 12:33:59 AM
Why should I be Spayed...Boomer? I'm not gettin spayed...not even thinking about it...sheesh..

Posted By: 2006/11/04 05:29:43 AM
Why thank you Tiki! Please go to my new page here.*points to his name*

Posted By: TiKi 2006/10/26 09:32:09 AM
Love the music. You are such a happy bird!

Posted By: 2006/10/01 02:03:04 PM
Hey all this way please:> (points to link)

Posted By: Otis 2006/09/27 06:09:20 PM
Hi Boomer you are an awesome bird, even though I am a cat!

Posted By: 2006/09/26 06:04:05 AM
Sorry about that last comment for some reason it posted before i was even done! How rude TOL! We Haven't talked in forever! I got new photos and so did bird :)! Im getting better at being held to! :) I love you page!

Posted By: 2006/09/26 06:03:00 AM
Hi there Boomer, Its me and Bird! We haven'

Posted By: TiKi 2006/09/24 02:31:04 PM
Boomer..You should go on the campaign trail.

Posted By: 2006/09/22 10:03:02 PM
ill miss you ill never return :'-(

Posted By: BlueJay 2006/09/20 07:49:25 AM
no, sadly none of the 5 birds i have can talk, blue might be the one most intelligent enough to do so. but he is definitely more interested in girls and fencing. i'm going to soon set up a petster account for my other 4 birds. how dyou get the videos up??

Posted By: Baxter 2006/09/19 06:38:00 AM
You are one cool bird!

Posted By: Kamikazi 2006/09/16 07:46:14 AM
You are one sassy bird!....but you do look delicious!

Posted By: guayaba 2006/09/13 08:11:13 PM
hi im stolean and yeah i think your slideshow is awesome though!

Posted By: TiKi 2006/09/12 12:54:15 PM
You are just the cutest thing, Boomer!!

Posted By: Sweetie 2006/09/11 07:43:46 PM
You have been tagged as "cool" *giggle*

Posted By: 2006/09/11 07:35:49 PM
Hehe, sesame street! :P

Posted By: 2006/09/11 07:54:55 AM
lol I know what I am, I just havent updated it yet :)

Posted By: Sweetie 2006/09/08 10:54:56 PM
Hi ya Boomer! Thanks for welcoming us to Petster. Appreciate it! Hey - and a BIG THANKS for stoppin' by Warm's blog: http://www.kitty-cats-corner.blogspot.com/

Posted By: Picasso 2006/09/06 04:56:35 PM
Hey Boomer!

Posted By: 2006/09/03 04:18:02 PM
No, not really... Well, at least not at Dairy Shows, we only walk ina circle, answer questions, that kinda thing... I think they run at dog shows though...

Posted By: 2006/09/03 03:52:38 PM
LOL, what do you mean?

Posted By: Blackie 2006/09/03 12:31:41 PM
Hello Boomer!~ I think you're cool, so I voted for you! Don't forget to make this month the month ruled by the little people!!! yeah *bubbles*

Posted By: 2006/09/01 11:47:56 AM
Hi,I'm a parakeet!

Posted By: Rowdy 2006/08/30 10:27:50 PM
Thanks pal! Wanna be friends? I am so intrigued by birds but I dont have any as friends yet!!!

Posted By: =(^-_-^)= fiona 2006/08/30 06:32:52 PM
hey boomie!!!

Posted By: 2006/08/30 06:19:56 PM
1- You totally need a life. 2- Those may not all be pictures of my pets, but they are identical to mine (in appearance anyway). Some of them are pets I had a very long time ago, and do not have any digitized photos of. The rest ARE photos of MY pets.

Posted By: Bravo 2006/08/28 03:49:36 AM
I dont have a problem with you doing your job but I dont like being accused. You can come check out my website and see for yourself all of our dogs if you have anymore questions..www.blackreafkennels.zoomshare.com

Posted By: Ash 2006/08/24 03:39:21 PM
hi boomer hope your day is good

Posted By: Willie 2006/08/24 12:50:01 AM
But, did they send you home with a freaking bow on your back? How embarassing..grrr

Posted By: ◊Zachary◊ 2006/08/23 06:56:44 PM
Hi Boomer! It's cool that you saw me on Catster! I like your slideshow- It's funny.

Posted By: 2006/08/22 03:25:05 AM
Acculy the pic is not him but he looks like that so plz stop tryin.

Posted By: Wish 2006/08/21 04:13:17 PM
Hi Boomer! I meant to introduce myself but the comment got sent before I finnished!

Posted By: Digger 2006/08/20 07:07:41 AM
Nice profile

Posted By: 2006/08/20 04:12:46 AM
Oh god thank you i didnt know wat is was called. a tank!!!!!!!!

Posted By: Ash 2006/08/19 09:49:00 PM
hi there boomer.how r u?

Posted By: TiKi 2006/08/19 08:37:49 PM
Glad you found the cell phone, I couldn't imagine life without one! Now hurry and get to the picnic!

Posted By: 2006/08/19 04:40:53 AM
I wish I could join your millet lovers club. I loved it but then they wouldn't let me have it anymore because of some digestion problems I had. :(

Posted By: 2006/08/19 04:29:28 AM
Thanks!! You're one cute bird!!

Posted By: TiKi 2006/08/07 04:25:17 PM
Hey, I was adopted....maybe we are related. I don't know where i was born.

Posted By: TiKi 2006/08/06 07:21:04 PM
We really enjoyed your story about Mr. Ball!!!!

Posted By: 2006/08/03 02:18:54 AM
Well thats a former friend of Roslyn, but she passed on. im sorry i didnt mention that. well anyway R.I.P. Vivica(the parekeet)

Posted By: Alex - RIP 2006/07/30 11:51:54 AM
Thanks for the pat and the advice about tuna. I gave you a pat too.

Posted By: 2006/07/26 11:07:49 PM
Hey Boomer, we voted for you for petster of the month! :-)

Posted By: 2006/06/14 08:28:48 AM
Hi Boomer its nice to be friends me and blake are happy to be here ! Tweet bac at us please Bird and blake

Posted By: Tweety Jr. (In Loving Memory) 2006/06/04 05:04:51 AM
Hey, we watch Marc Morrone's Petkeeping, too. So we like the same show....

Posted By: Marley & Nelson 2006/05/28 06:46:54 PM
A treat for your birthday, Boomer! Hope you get to enjoy many more happy ones. Your birthday was our one-week aniiversary in our new home and we're having so much fun discovering new things. Thanks for our message. Love, Mars & Nels.

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